Review: Yes to Pomegranate SPF Lip Balm

I’m so pale that all I have to do is stand next to a window for about 10 minutes to receive a sunburn, so, annoyingly enough, it’s not really surprising that I often end up burning my lips as well.

Have you ever had sunburnt lips? It’s one of the most annoying things in the world. Your lips are all prickly and sore and feel swollen… ugh. I always try to keep some lip balm with SPF lying around, but I tend to be a bit absent-minded.

Translation: I lose it.

So, after losing my fifth tube of the same brand of lip balm I’ve used for years, I decided to change things up a bit and go for a tube of Yes to Pomegranate SPF lip balm.

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The 2014 Easter Seals Arkansas Fashion Event was a blast!

Well, the title really says it all. The 7th Annual 2014 Easter Seals Arkansas Fashion Event was a complete success and it was a lot of fun! There was great people, great food, great music, fabulous fashions – all for a great cause. Keep reading to get the details of the event! Or you could just look at the slideshow below and then be on your merry way (I won’t judge). You can also check out the Facebook page for the pictures.

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I found a boutique inside of an… Ace Hardware store?

When you think of Ace Hardware, you think of a place to go get an extra key made for your new apartment or a place to have paint mixed, right? Well, that was what I used to think, too, until I learned the truth.

Ace Hardware has some pretty trendy stuff squirreled away in there. Actually, it’s hidden in plain sight. In a rather conspicuously marked section in the middle of the store.



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Look of the Day: Cobalt cami, skinny jeans & d’Orsay pumps

My boyfriend and I decided to celebrate the first day of spring (which was yesterday for those of you who live under rocks) in Hot Springs, Ark. which, of course, meant we stopped by Oaklawn Park to watch the horse races. And that’s where I came across Melissa.


Melissa of Hot Springs

I fell in love with her outfit because it was simple, yet trendy and chic. And cobalt is my current color obsession, so you really can’t go wrong there.

Get the look: